Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alternative tile choices

Okay ladies...
Many of you have asked for alternative or additional choices for our upcoming tile coaster class. I have a few more selections to choose from, and hope that with these new choices, everyone will find something to suit them. Unfortunately within a class setting, it is just not practical to offer every available stamp set as an alternative. If there is still something else that you had in mind, please feel free to make arrangements to work with me on another occasion. Also, I am happy to help you to purchase supplies to make these on your own! Once you have played with these and see how very simple they are to make, and how few supplies are required to create them, you may want to have supplies on hand to make whatever you like!

Keep in mind when viewing these choices, I put these together VERY quickly, while tired and don't look at the artistic quality, but at the image choices!! I decided not to complete coloring on these, as I had not allowed overnight drying, and the images I tried coloring were smearing as a result - so I did not want to ruin more tiles - for those I did not color, you just have to use your imagination!

You may make your choices from these as well as from the ones in the previous post - just please PLEASE choose today so that I can get these done in time for the class.

This first choice is "ON GOSSAMER WINGS".
I did not make a full set of these, but the set includes 3 beautiful butterflies in addition to the dragonfly. The set of coasters would include a variety with the 4 different 'creatures'. For those of you dragonfly lovers, let me know if you want all dragonflies!

Next is this Tuscan Fruit option - I really liked the fruit and thought they worked well paired with the Provencal set image that was Italian rustic looking.

This is a variety of different "collage style" options . TO color these, I would probably just add a minimal amount of color for accent and an aged look. If you want collage style, please specify if you want a variety, or if you prefer one of these done 4 times.

This is a blossom variety - a bit more fun and whimsical. - Ignore the smearing on the orange flower- I was going for "ethereal" but it just turned out messy!

This one is called Natures Sketchbook

This is a new leaf set that I just purchased. I think the leaves are a bit more realistic looking than the one in the previous autumn leaf choice - if you are choosing leaves, specify which one you prefer - and if you don't specify, I will stamp this one!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tumbled Tile Coaster Class

I am offering a Tumbled Tile Coaster Class with Kathy Lang as hostess. The fee for this class is $15 which includes one set of four tile coasters (your choice of images). If you choose to do multiple sets, additional sets will be $10 each.

Since tile coasters turn out best when stamped in Stazon and allowed to dry overnight, I will stamp the focal image for you prior to the class, and you will be instructed on how to color the tiles during class. You will need to RSVP to let me know HOW MANY sets of tiles you would like to complete, and WHICH DESIGNS. Since I will be preparing materials for you, the fee for this class must be collected in advance. The following tile coaster samples have been completed by me, and you may select which of these designs you would like to create. Click on photos for a larger view if desired.

For those images with only one coaster shown, the sets would include 4 of the same style coaster, and you may add variation with color as desired.

Set 1: Wonderful Wings

Set 2: Stipple Rose

Set 3: Autumn Leaves

Set 4: Balmy Breezes

Set 5: Toile Blossoms

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's time to choose!

Alright ladies, the time has come. (Yay!) I have completed the design choices for my upcoming Christmas in August Stamp a Stack. I have 12 designs for you to choose from. Why 12? Well I have a hard time with decision making, and wanted to make sure that everyone could find things that they loved. I also know that some of my customers will be ready for session 2 as soon as we are done, so I wanted to make it possible for those who would like to come to more than one Christmas Stack to select new designs the next time. (Yes, I will be offering a session 2 in September). I hope that you enjoy what I have completed for you. To see all 12 choices, when you reach the end of the page click "older posts" to see additional selections, or your can view each card by clicking the link to it's number located on the right.

Please read the directions and follow carefully, so that there is no confusion as I am preparing next week, and everyone has what they chose on the date of the event!

You may select 6 of the following designs.

You will complete 3 each of these designs for a total of 18 cards.

PLEASE make your selections by no later than 8 pm on Wednesday, August 15. Yes I know that is only a few days, but if I do not have everyone's information by then, I won't get the preparation completed in time. If you make your selections sooner, then send them in!!

Send me your selections (by Wednesday) by emailing me at . You will see that each card has a NUMBER and a title. When you email me your choices, please include the number of your selections. For example: "I would like to complete cards 1,5,7,9,11 and 12". Please make sure to clearly indicate your choices, and double check your selections. Once I cut for you based on these choices, I will not be able to offer an alternative if you made a mistake or change your mind.

IMPORTANT: I have included a brief description with each of the card designs. This is to help you make decisions based on your own skill, experience, and patience as a stamper. If you know that you do not enjoy the technique used in one of the designs, then you can choose an alternative. Also, if you choose some of the more time consuming choices, make sure that you choose others that are simple and fast so that you are able to complete all of your cards during the event without stress -- the goal is to have FUN! Okay -- have fun viewing and making your choices and I will look forward to receiving your responses by Wednesday!!

Card Choice #1

Supersize Snowflake

I LOVE this snowflake! This design was adapted from one by Jeanne S on Splitcoast. I loved her card so much, I bought this stamp, and am so glad I did! This one will be a little bit time consuming, as the technique involves outlining the stamp with a marker then spritzing with water before stamping - it is a really fun technique and a lot of fun, but will take a little time and patience.

Card Choice #2

Bright Season of Joy

This one is fun and bright!! This card involves cutting for 2 layers, so may be more time consuming.

Card Choice #3

Chocolate Snow Burst

I sure love these snowflakes!! This one should be quick and easy to re-create. Very simple design using Snow Burst and Hugs and Wishes. This fun card is also a tri fold design, and includes an optional insert to use as a gift card holder.

Card Choice #4

Baroque Monochromatic

This is a simple design using Baroque Motifs, Brocade Background and All Holidays. The only step that may be frustrating for some is cutting out the emblem on the front of the card.